Unlock ADA From Tokens

Get rid of Cardano Native Tokens and recover their minAda.

Only Three Simple Steps


Connect Wallet

Connect any CIP-30 compliant wallet to allow this app to read your tokens.


Select Tokens

Select the tokens you no longer want to keep and want to get rid of instead.


Submit Tx

Sign and submit the tx to separate the minAda from your unwanted tokens.

How It Works

Tokens in Cardano can only be really burned by the administrator of the token's minting policy. This is because a 'burn' in Cardano is actually just a 'mint' with a negative amount.

In the case of time-locked minting policies, tokens can even no longer be burned ever, if the policy has already been locked.

So what we do in this service is we just receive your unwanted tokens for a small fee which is just a fraction (1/5) of the minAda that is required to always come with those tokens. Then, we give you back the rest of the minAda. The new minAda that's still needed to go with the tokens comes from us.

Want Lower Fees and More Perks?

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Lower Service Fees

Enjoy 20% discount on Detokenizer service fees.


Higher Referral Commissions

Enjoy 50% commissions on the service fees of users you referred, instead of only 30% for non-delegators.


More Tokens Per Tx

Be able to detokenize up to 10 unwanted tokens, instead of just 2, per transaction.


Monthly Raffle Draw

Get a chance to win at least ₳100 every month in our delegator raffle draws.


Extra Token Rewards

Claim additional token rewards every epoch on DripDropz.io as well as $RNR on Finitum.io.